As one of our highly valued customers, we take our work for you very seriously. As an independent insurance brokerage, we can offer personal service AND highly competitive prices because we have access to insurance coverage options from a variety of insurance providers.

Our associates work day-and-night to make sure that you’re covered, and deserve to be compensated fairly so they too can take care of their loved ones. We want to keep the fees for our clients low, so we receive a majority of our compensation from the insurance company chosen for your policy, its parent, affiliate or other party in the form of commissions, which are calculated as a percentage of the premium paid to the carrier that our agency represents. This commission payment reflects the fact that we provide services to our clients on behalf of the chosen insurance company.

Our role is to provide you with the best insurance value that combines coverage, service, and price. In most cases, our firm is compensated on a commission which is fixed or based on a percentage of the premium that you pay for your policy. The commission percentage (or amount) is set by the insurance provider, not by us.

We are sincerely thankful to have your business, and welcome any suggestions you have to assist us in serving you better. If you have any questions regarding this or any other aspect of your insurance needs please contact us.

Any Questions?

Are You Ever Compensated by an Incentive Program?
We may also receive additional compensation from some insurance companies based on incentive or contingent criteria such as the amount of our total premium written with an insurance company, underwriting profitability, or other factors. We generally do not know, nor does the insurance company know, the amount of such payments, if any, until the underwriting year is closed. At your request, we will happily supply you with further details of any type of compensation that relates to your account. If the insurance premium is paid to or collected by our agency, we may receive investment income on that premium while it is in our bank account.

Do You Make Any Money if I Finance my Insurance Premiums?
We may assist you in financing your premium through a premium finance company. In the event that we assist you in arranging for the financing of your premium, we may receive a fee or other compensation from the premium finance company.

Do I Pay Extra Fees for Your Compensation?
The commissions and contingent commissions, described above are in addition to any fees we are charging to you for services rendered. We will disclose all of our fees, if any, to you in writing.

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