You worked hard to build the lifestyle you have, and deserve a team around you working just as hard to protect it. Our associates will assist you and your agent to create flexible, customized package to fit your needs. The protection we offer is augmented with distinctive services such as loss prevention consultations at your home, Umbrella Policies, and unparalleled personal attention to detail during the entire process.

At OnMarket Insurance Associates, we offer products and solutions to protect your net worth. We start with a conversation to determine which coverages you might need, and then research the exact providers and policies to give you complete security.

So, where do we start? By taking an inventory of what’s important to you, so we can discuss how to protect it.

Insurance Coverage Check List

  • Automobile:
    Standard cars, high-value, exotic, collector, recreational vehicle, RVs, motorcycles and more.
  • Aviation:
    Jets, helicopters and other (privately owned, corporate, fractional ownership) aircrafts
  • Background Investigations:
    Complimentary checks for domestic employees
  • Collections:
    Jewelry, fine art, wine, antiques, silver, and other collectibles
  • Condominium, Cooperative and Renter’s Insurance
  • Course of Construction/Builders Risk
  • Domestic Employee Workers Compensation
  • Dwelling:
    Standard homeowners insurance, high-value homes, historic, multi-state, foreign, rental property, seasonal, and secondary locations
  • Earthquake
  • Employment Practices Liability:
    Full-time and part-time domestic employees
  • Equine:
     Protection for horses owned or leased anywhere in the world
  • Family Office Coverage:
    Legal entities used to manage client assets
  • Flood:
  • Hurricane
  • Identity Theft
  • Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion
  • Personal Directors & Officers Liability
  • Personal Liability:
    Primary/excess umbrella limits up to $100 million
  • Vineyard, Farm and Ranch
  • Watercraft:
    Sailboat, yacht, mega-yacht, and personal watercrafts

Any questions?

I’m not interested in calling an operator when I need something. Will I have someone dedicated to my account that I can rely on?

Not only is the answer to this question yes, but it’s one of the top benefits of working with a brokerage like ours. Our associates immerse themselves daily in the ever-changing rules to insurance and how those changes affect our clients. The goal is to be calling you before you ever even realized you needed something from us.

Learn more about our team and our company code in our About Us section.

Beyond a policy on paper, what are you doing to protect me?

Anyone can write up the policy on what happens if loss were to occur, but we think that’s just step one. Our associates study and research losses that happen to our clients, and in the areas our clients live, to structure deals that cover all possibilities for risk. We will even help you find products or improvements that might mitigate future loss. It all starts with a conversation to identify everything in your life that’s valuable, and the risks in your life that could create loss.

How Often Should I Update You About My Valuable Articles?

When a personal articles floater is purchased, it will require a detailed list or “schedule” of the property that will be covered. Each item must have an appraised value attached to it, and some insurance companies will require proof of that appraisal. If a loss occurs the insurance company pays out the lowest of the following options: actual cash value, the amount the property could reasonably be expected to be repaired or replaced, or the amount of insurance.

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