Individuals and groups working in the world’s most dangerous areas (war zones, hostile territories, remote locations and disaster zones) deserve the peace of mind that their insurance is designed to cover their back. Many U.S. domestic and traditional international benefits will not work in high risk areas due to policy restrictions and servicing limitations. Relying on flimsy coverage is not an option when we’re talking about people in the line of fire. OnMarket can assist you by providing appropriate products, advice, and on-going support as you need it.

OnMarket Benefits
High Risk Insurance products and services are a unique niche within the international benefits world. OnMarket Insurance Associates can include war and terrorism coverage, and price specifically to the location your employees will be stationed with further tailoring to your organization’s needs. OnMarket Insurance Associates partners with special risk brokers to assist our clients in managing all of their global risks.

Coverage & Services

  • AD&D – Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • APTD – Accidental Permanent Total Disability
  • Global Medical Insurance
  • On-Site Medical Clinics
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Political Evacuation
  • Security
  • High Risk Travel Medical
  • Identification of Local Healthcare Providers
  • DBA-Defense Base Act
  • Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation
  • Liability
  • Auto
  • Property

Experience is Our Advantage
OnMarket Insurance Associates has extensive experience in writing high-risk coverage for clients operating in war zones around the world, including: Iraq, Afghanistan, South Sudan and other hostile environments. Leverage OnMarket’s experience in this ultra-specialized coverage to ensure you and your employees are safe.

5 Reasons to Turn to OnMarket’s High Risk Insurance Policies

Access to Coverage
Through our extensive partnerships, OnMarket Insurance Associates can access more international carriers and Lloyd’s Markets than other brokers. This gives us a distinct advantage in pricing and due diligence.

Reduced Costs
Our intimate knowledge of this niche market, and prices that are reasonable, helps our clients keep their costs down as low as possible. We developed unique billing methods with our carriers and use aggressive renewal processes that eliminate wasted premiums.

We will make sure that your coverage meets important compliance requirements.

Employees heading to high-risk areas will typically leave family members at home.
It is critical that the international benefits (especially medical) match domestic coverage as closely as possible.

Eliminate Gaps
OnMarket Insurance Associates has many unique ways to prevent your employees from falling into coverage gaps.

If you are responsible for the benefits of a company, NGO, mission organization or security company please contact us for a consultation.  Organizations looking to price coverage in order to accurately bid on contracts are welcome to contact OnMarket Insurance Associates.

Any questions?

Do you offer Military Discounts?

Yes, several of our carriers do have discounts that we will take into consideration when building your custom policy. It may be that the deal we can bundle offers rates lower than even a discount can get you!

Beyond a policy on paper, what are you doing to protect me?

Anyone can write up the policy on what happens if loss were to occur, but we think that’s just step one. Our associates research your exposure to risk, and structure policies that cover you in all sorts of ways. We will even help you find products or improvements that might mitigate future loss. It all starts with a conversation to identify everything in your life that’s valuable, as well as the risks in your life.

What if my family is also with me overseas, but not in a danger zone?

We can customize your policy to any situation. Give one of our associates a call today to setup a free consolation to go over your options.

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