When you ask your employees and business partners to travel on behalf of your company, sometimes that request can come with detrimental risks. This is coverage that pays an additional benefit for covered accidents that result in death or serious injury of your employees who are traveling on company business, both domestically and internationally.

Any questions?

Can I receive a payout from this type policy on someone if I also have key person insurance protecting them?
In most situations, you will be able to take payments from more than one policy on your most valued team members. Give us a call to talk more about your specific options.
What other damages are covered?
In addition to loss of life, other types of injuries that may be covered under this type of insurance include dismemberment, loss of sight or hearing, and paralysis.

Is there a minimum amount of travel my employee needs to do each year in order to qualify for this type of policy?
Yes, depending on the carrier we choose there may be some minimum qualifications to meet in order to be approved. Talk to one of our team members to get the application process started.

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