Good oral hygiene is a major portion of optimal overall health … and that doesn’t just mean fresh breath and a white smile.

Affordable dental care plans are designed to meet different needs:

  • Single Coverage
  • Family Coverage
  • Full Dental Insurance
  • Dental Discount Plans

No matter what your budget can handle, we can help you get access to a large network of skilled dental providers.

Any questions?

What happens if I typically go to a dentist that is not on my new list of providers?
Of course you can always go to the dentist of your choice; the question is whether your plan will be able to give you the coverage for the treatment you receive if it is provided by a dentist who is not on the plan’s list. Under certain contracts, such as a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) program, patients are given a financial incentive to go to certain dentists but do receive some level of dental benefit, regardless of the treating dentist.

Can you help me find a dentist that is approved and also near where I live or work?
Yes! Most insurance providers offer a search tool to help your employees search for dentists nearby. Often you can also search by additional criteria like a particular dentist or practice name, expertise, languages spoken, and hours of service. This is something we can help you look for while building your benefits plan.

Are cosmetic dentistry services (like teeth whitening treatments) covered by dental insurance?
The exact answer depends on what your insurance plan states. However, most policies do not cover teeth whitening. It is considered a nonessential cosmetic procedure that insurance companies do not find to be medically necessary as it is not fixing a problem that is detrimental to your health.

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