Proper dental coverage can give your employees the preventative care they need to stay happy and healthy. Dental Plans are easy to use and actually improved significantly in recent years due to the increased availability of employer-sponsored dental policies.

A dental policy can be a unique component to add to your competitive compensation package to attract and retain the talented people you need.

Any questions?

What happens if my employees typically go to a dentist that is not on our list of providers?
Of course you can always go to the dentist of your choice; the question is whether your plan will be able to give you the coverage for the treatment you receive if it is provided by a dentist who is not on the plan’s list. Under certain contracts, such as a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) program, patients are given a financial incentive to go to certain dentists but do receive some level of dental benefit, regardless of the treating dentist.

My company has employees across the country, will coverage vary by state?
Out-of-state employees have the same coverage as employees who live within the state where you are located. We have access to the nation’s top policy providers, making it easy to find approved coverage in all 50 states.

How can my employees find a dentist that is approved and also near where they live or work?
Most insurance providers offer a search tool to help your employees search for dentists nearby. Often you can also search by additional criteria like a particular dentist or practice name, expertise, languages spoken, and hours of service. This is something we can help you look for while building your benefits plan.

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