If you could save money on health care costs by simply remaining healthy, would you sign up? Of course, we all would … and we all can by taking advantage of Wellness Programs intended to promote health and fitness within a company.

Our team can help you offer your employees premium discounts, cash rewards, gym memberships, and other incentives by participating in an active and healthy lifestyle. Examples of these programs include assistance to stop smoking, ways to control diabetes symptoms, weight loss programs, and preventative health screenings. These steps can drastically decrease your employees’ medical needs down the road.

Any questions?

How easy is it to implement a wellness program at our company?
After giving us a call, there are 3 easy steps to implementing a world-class wellness program for your team:

  • A well-designed, year-round strategy that incorporates a variety of activities
  • An effective, well-executed communication plan to track progress
  • Meaningful incentives that drive employee engagement

Can I only get these incentives through my employer?
Usually these plans are offered through a company, although some insurance carriers may offer incentives directly to their clients. Give us a call to see what you qualify for!

If I participate in a group wellness program, is my private information protected under HIPAA regulations?
While HIPAA rules restrict the sharing of certain medical information, workplace wellness programs offered separately from an employer’s group health insurance plan are not protected. Relax, most often it’s often impossible for employees to tell who submitted what without asking. Health reports for wellness programs are usually overseen by just a few designated managers.

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