Not all businesses need to worry about a fight breaking out on premises. It’s pretty unlikely for a group of accountants to duke it out over tax code, but if you own a bar, lounge or restaurant serving liquor, assault & battery insurance becomes a real conversation that we must have together. If a patron (or one of your employees) starts a fight with another person within your establishment, it could result in a lawsuit that comes back to YOU. Our experience tells us that for every drink you pour, the likelihood that someone gets fired-up increases.

The cost associated with damages (including medical costs) in a lawsuit can be enough to put you out of business. Don’t let that happen.

Any questions?

If I have a standard insurance policy, am I protected?
Most standard insurance policies exclude this specific type of coverage. Any establishment that serves liquor has a greater risk of an assault and battery claim to arise.

If a claim goes to trial will my legal fees be covered?
In most cases, an assault and battery policy can also provide coverage for the legal costs incurred by you to defend your establishment in the event of a lawsuit.

I think I might be on the verge of a lawsuit, can you help me review my current policy to make sure I have the coverage I need?
If you had an incident that you think could become a lawsuit, definitely give our team a call. We can review your policy to see where you are covered, and give you tips for researching law firms in your area if necessary.

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