If you’re business is online – maybe you’re selling products on a website, taking credit card payments in your store, or collecting data off of a blog – you need to protect yourself against a variety of online threats. Do you remember the Christmas credit card breach that happened to Target in 2015? No one wants that to happen again. Trust us.

Cyber & Privacy policies cover you in the case of a data breach in which your customers’ personal information (like Credit Card or Social Security Numbers) is exposed to hackers and other online criminals.

You can be covered for a list of expenses that come with a data breach:

  • Credit Monitoring
  • Defense Costs
  • Fines & Penalties
  • Losses Resulting from Identity Theft
  • Notification Costs

Coverage can extend to 1st party damages caused to your company and 3rd party damages caused to third parties.

Any questions?

How is this coverage different from a Technology Errors & Omissions policy?
Many people confuse Cyber & Privacy insurance with Technology Errors & Omissions (Tech E&O). The difference is that Tech E&O coverage protects businesses with technology products and services, such as software and hardware manufacturers, web designers, and server farms – in essence your property. In addition, Tech E&O focuses on Errors & Omissions as indicated by the name.

What is included with 1st Party Coverages under this policy?

  • Loss of Digital Assets caused by the damage of your electronic data and computer programs.
  • Reimbursement for any business interruption and other expenses while your computer system is being restored.
  • Costs for customer notification, regulatory fines, penalties, and public relations expenses to deal with the breach.
  • Reimbursement for expenses resulting directly from a credible threat (extortion).
  • Cyber Terrorism.
  • Reimbursement for income loss and expenses as a result of a breach caused by an act of terrorism.

What is included with 3rd Party Coverages under this policy?

  • Legal Liability for a security or privacy breach resulting from alleged violations of HIPAA and other privacy protection laws.
  • Employee Privacy Liability for a security breach of employees’ PII or PHI.
  • Liability for claims arising from the following found on your internet or intranet site:
    • Defamation, Libel or Slander
    • Domain Name Infringement
    • Infringement of Copyright, Trademark, or Service Mark
    • Invasion of an Individual’s Privacy
    • Plagiarism or Misappropriation of Ideas

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