It is critically important to plan for the risk of pollution on any job site so that you can properly monitor everyone’s safety. Environmental exposures can damage lives, ruin property and wreak havoc on your company’s reputation. That is why we would like to be the team looking out for the risks you face.

We recommend that businesses like yours carry Environmental + Pollution Liability to help you:

  • Have a plan for natural catastrophes beyond the limits of your standard policy
  • Assist in mergers & acquisitions
  • Separate unknown environmental risks from business risks
  • Satisfy bid requirements
  • Protect your assets from unforeseen exposures

Some risk exposures that you face will be visible, like the chemicals used in your manufacturing process. Some risks will be hidden, like a leaky tank slowly contaminating your property. Our philosophy is: have a solid plan form the start, and any problem can be dealt with in the moment.

The typical General Liability policy does not cover you for pollution risks, so give our team a call to discuss a custom policy built specifically for you.

Coverages Include:

  • Bodily Injury
  • Business Interruption Costs
  • Clean-up Costs
  • Emergency Expenses
  • Mold Removal
  • Property Damage
  • Public Relations
  • Storage Facilities
  • Transportation

Any questions?

What are some examples of these environmental disasters?
Some things include: water or soil contamination from broken pipelines, damage from leaking fuel storage tanks; water or air emissions; spills of pollutants brought to the work site; storm water runoff; accidental utility strikes that could cause property damage or injury; spills during natural catastrophes; or even unforeseen activities of the previous site owners.

Can this policy cover a large-scale disaster like an oil spill?
When it comes to disasters on a large scale, it takes way more than just cleaning up the oil to correct the problem. Other coverages like business interruption, loss of inventory, and potentially even bodily injury could come into play. We would want to discuss all of your potential risks to create a custom plan that keeps you covered.

If I am a property owner with multiple buildings is there a reason I should consider this policy?
Yes, we often recommend that real estate property owners consider an Environmental + Pollution Liability Policy because of things like mold that can severely damage a building. A claim against you from a tenant, especially if he or she is having health problems stemming from the mold, can be a severe blow to your business. This policy can help you get the problem cleaned up properly and your tenants back to a property that is livable.

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