The rapid growth for modern businesses makes them very attractive to investors. Of course without risk, there is very little reward, so companies need to protect themselves against the potential political, financial and reputational exposures of conducting business in today’s global markets.

Political risk insurance can provide the protection investors, financial institutions and corporate clients need to safeguard their investments in domestic and overseas markets against unpredictable losses due to specific risks.

Political risk insurance covers several different types of political risk, including:

  • Business Interruption
  • Governmental Expropriation or Confiscation of Assets
  • Governmental Frustration or Repudiation of Contracts
  • Inconvertibility of Foreign Currency or the Inability to Repatriate Funds.
  • Political Violence: Revolution, Insurrection, Civil Unrest, Terrorism or War
  • Wrongful Calling of Letters of Credit

As globalization increases, there are more corporations doing business around the world. Some of the changes occurring in the business are high growth, new product offerings, and a greater role for private capital. We tailor our insurance solutions to your company’s size, sector and specific needs, so give us a call to get started.

Any questions?

Is this type of policy available for longer terms?
Yes, Political Risk Insurance offers the ability to purchase non-cancelable policies for a set number of consecutive policy terms. The benefit of taking out a policy for longer terms is that companies receive the security they need at a pre-determined cost.

Can this policy be applied to a business operating in multiple countries?
Yes! Coverages can be customized transaction-by-transaction to address the risks arising from political events where our customers do business. Policies can also be done in a multi-country portfolio format, or on a project specific or contract specific basis. Terms can extend up to 15 years, with capacity in the hundreds of millions of dollars per transaction.

What is happening “behind the scenes” to protect me?
A network of risk officers will monitor the financial performance and well-being of your operation. Our team will go beyond just writing a policy for you. We offer an enhanced custom relationship with comprehensive protection against the risk of financial ruin. We can offer you improved banking relationships and access to financing that gives you greater confidence in pursuing business opportunities. We also provide knowledgeable insight into the potential risks that your company may face. Additionally, during the lifetime of your policy with us, we will keep you informed of any changes that might impact the financial health of your business.

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