In a world where people manufacture more and more products to meet the demand of a growing consumer population, it is to be expected that sometimes products will get recalled. This is why protection for your brand and its reputation has never been more critical. To avoid a potential costly disaster, it is important for your business to consider the benefits of increased insurance products like product recall protection.

Protection for Consumer Goods:
Consider this qualification for finished products like appliances, electronics, clothing, furniture, household items, children’s toys, outdoor products, sports & exercise equipment, and so on. We can build a policy that protects you in the event that a defect is found in your product that could result in bodily injury or property damage.

Protection for Consumable Products:
This insurance qualification is for industries within food & beverage, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. It is built to assist you in the event of customer bodily injury stemming from instances like Accidental Contamination or Malicious Tampering of your product.

Insured Events Include:

  • Product Use Results in Bodily Injury or Property Damage
  • Imminent Danger of Bodily Injury or Property Damage
  • Impaired Property Caused by Product
  • Recall Defense & Consultation Costs

Any questions?

If I already have Product Liability Coverage, would I need to carry this policy as well?
If it takes years for your business to develop its brand reputation, and only moments for that reputation to be tarnished, shouldn’t you do all you can to protect yourself. Recalls are complex and expensive blemishes on your business. Product liability will protect you in the case that an individual brings a case against your business, but what if you need to deal with a larger situation? A fast and effective recall provides your company with the opportunity to reinforce your commitment to quality and safety. A poorly handled recall leads to negative publicity and significant brand damage for potentially serious impact to your bottom-line.

In the case that we are sued, will insurance cover litigation costs?
Yes, in most cases your litigation costs will be covered. The question you want to ask is what about the other costs that affect your business during a lawsuit trial, like business interruption or even slander. Our team is trained to uncover all of your risks, and build you a custom plan to address it all.

Is there a difference in the policy needed to cover a recall vs a class action lawsuit?
Yes, definitely. While a lawsuit is never fun, it does not involve the mass gathering of your products from your customers – some of whom might not even know there is a problem with your product. You want a team ready to deploy an efficient plan that makes this process smooth on both you and your valued customers.

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