While this is not a common occurrence for all businesses, some high-profile companies have had the misfortune of dealing with a crime against their operation or beloved people.

Special Crime Liability (sometimes referred to as Kidnap & Ransom Insurance) provides you with much needed support during the nightmare of a kidnapping, detention, ransom, or extortion of a company’s owners, employees or, their family members.

OnMarket Insurance Associates can also guide you through finding a crisis firm to help you deal with one of these horrific situations.

Any questions?

If our building needs to be searched and damage is caused, would this policy cover the repairs?
While damages to your building would not be covered under this particular liability clause of your policy, we can customize a coverage package that would assist you in the clean-up, repairs and loss of income to you business during any difficult tme.

What if my customer is held at ransom and it involves me, would this policy still protect us?
Yes, in most cases a customer would be covered under a Special Crimes Liability policy; particularly if the event happens inside of your office or store.

How would I know to get this type of policy, it’s not something I am expecting to happen?
Predicting the risks you might face in the future is complicated, and our team is trained to ask questions and dig into your operations to help you decide exactly how to customize a policy that that will cover you where you need it and not overcharge you for things that you don’t need.

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