Sure every event is special, but some events go above and beyond … and need to be protected. Community Festivals, Car Shows, Large Weddings, Conferences, Concerts and other social gatherings take immense work to pull together and should never be left open to risk.

If you are on the organizational end of these events, you know the work involved to ensure that everyone has an amazing (and safe) experience. The unexpected can (and usually will) arise, and our team wants to make sure you’re prepared.

Any questions?

Are there qualifications that help me determine whether my event needs special coverage?
There are a couple of things to consider. Think about the money and time that you’re putting into your event. In the case of inclement weather, illness, injury or something else unforeseen, would you be refunded by your vendors? If not, give us a call.

Is it typical for business conferences to carry an additional insurance policy?
No, not all business events carry an insurance policy. What you need to ask is whether you are having just another event? Is your conference big enough to hurt your yearly budget should the worst happen and it be cancelled? Is your event over-the-top? Are you taking risks with weather, venue, or dates you’ve chosen? Could flights play a factor in the big day? These are reasons for us to have a chat.

What am I Covered for with an Event Protector Plan?

We provide coverage for the following types of events through the Protector Plan® for Events:

  • Additional expenses
  • Anniversary parties
  • Baby showers
  • Bar mitzvah
  • Birthday parties
  • Cancellation or postponement
  • Event gifts
  • Event photographs/video
  • Inclement Weather & Rescheduling Fees
  • Lost deposits
  • Liability insurance (optional coverage)
  • Liquor liability insurance (optional coverage)
  • Private event insurance for small parties or large gatherings
  • Retirements
  • Special attire
  • Special jewelry
  • Travelers can help protect the investments you’ve made for your private event.
  • Wedding gifts
  • Wedding photographs/video

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