We recommend Surety Bonds to show your customers that your business will guarantee to work with integrity, honesty, exceptional performance and financial responsibility, as well as compliance with the law during every business interaction.

The most common bond policies that we write are Contract Bonds, which are used to guarantee that a contractor will abide by the agreement within any contract. This gives your clients peace of mind that your team will perform the work promised, as well as fairly pay any subcontractors and suppliers involved with the project.

There are several types of contract bonds …

  • Bid Bonds
  • Performance Bonds
  • Payment Bonds
  • Maintenance Bonds

A type of bonds that you might have heard about before (especially on TV) are Court Bonds. Court bonds, (or judicial bonds) are usually required in court proceedings to ensure protection from a possible loss should an accused criminal flee after being released on bail.
The most common court bonds include …

  • Cost Bonds
  • Indemnity to Sheriff Bonds
  • Plaintiff’s Bonds
  • Attachment Bonds
  • Replevin Bonds

Other common probate court surety bonds include …

  • Administrator Bonds
  • Executor Bonds
  • Conservator Bonds
  • Guardianship Bonds

Finally we have commercial bonds, which are typically purchased by companies needing surety bonds for things outside of legal matters, contracts, or constructions projects. These are considered relatively low-risk bonds that are easy to qualify for, so give us a call to discuss your particular project with our team.

Any questions?

What if I want to give my client a guarantee that our work is built to last, is there a bond that we could offer?
Yes! Maintenance Bonds guarantee against loss stemming from defective workmanship or materials used in the completion of any construction project

Is there an approval process for becoming a bonded contractor?
In order for us to issue a contract surety bond, we must evaluate your operation accurately assess that you have the resources and capacity to perform the contracted work according to the terms and conditions. This process is known as contract bonding.

I was instructed by the court to acquire a Guardianship Bond, what is that?
Guardianship Bonds guarantee that a guardian will faithfully and diligently administer welfare to the person under their care, and at all times preserve the rights and assets of the minor or incapacitated person.

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