Beyond offering the peace of mind to your employees, state law requires that all employees have access to Workers’ Compensation Insurance. And while this is very important, it can also be one of the largest expenses incurred by a business.

Let’s put some context around Workers’ Compensation: this policy covers your employees’ medical expenses, rehabilitation, and lost income should they get hurt while doing on-the-job activities.

Our independent brokers have a deep expertise in employee benefits and securities. As part of our Workers’ Compensation plan, you’ll receive a customized policy built to control the rising cost of Workers’ Compensation premiums.

Furthermore, we’ll teach you how to save money when it comes to safety programs, employment screening, medical bill audits, litigation management, and much more.

Any questions?

Our organization is on a tight budget, are there discounts for groups like ours?
In most situations yes, and regardless our team will always be on the lookout for the lowest price that gives you the proper coverage to fit your needs.

If most of the people who work for us are volunteers, do we need to carry traditional policies like Workers’ Compensation or Health Insurance?
A large portion of this answer will depend on your individual organization and the requirements you place on the people who work for you. Anyone who is treated like a full-time employee is entitled (and often required by law) to receive employee benefits like health insurance. This would not include volunteers. However, it’s best to still think of volunteers as “workers” because if they get injured you’ll need to have Workers’ Compensation in place to cover everyone. Give us a call to talk with one of our associates about your particular needs.

Do we need to offer Workers’ Compensation to our contract workers that are not on full-time with us?
It all depends on the work done by the person and the demands you put on that person. Many independent contractors can also be classified as employees for the purposes of Workers’ Compensation coverage, which means you would have to provide Workers’ Compensation benefits. Give our team a call to talk through your particular situation.

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