Collectible, modified, antique & collectible cars are not considered standard vehicles – and something tells us that why you wanted one. So it’s important to seek out a specialty insurance policy to cover your sexy little hot rod (and the hottie you’re cruising around with too).

Cars Needing Special Coverage:

  • Antiques
  • Foreign & Domestic Sports Cars
  • Modified Cars
  • Custom Builds
  • Classic Cars
  • Hot Rods
  • Most likely anything you’ve got, so call us!

How is Collectible Auto insurance different? It’s probably best to demonstrate through scenarios on this one …

At a classic car show, you want to leave your car on display and walk around, are you covered?

Typical Auto Policy:
May not cover damage that happens while you are not in attendance

Collectible Auto Policy:
You’re covered, go enjoy the show!

What if you want to take your car overseas, are you covered?

Typical Auto Policy:
Not typically covered, would require a special policy amendment (aka $)

Collectible Auto Policy:
Special arrangements can be made to protect a vehicle on an overseas tour.

What if you need to replace unique parts on your classic car due to a loss, are you covered?

Typical Auto Policy:
May not be able to replace the parts with exact matches per your policy. May require settling for comparable parts.

Collectible Auto Policy:
A specialized Collectible Auto policy may cover your rare and unique parts

What if your hot rod is in an accident and incurs a total loss, are you covered?

Typical Auto Policy:
The policy will not always cover an Agreed Value, so you may be in for a battle over perceived value.

Collectible Auto Policy:
The “Agreed Value” on your policy should represent your vehicle’s current market value. In the event of a total loss, you’ll receive the full agreed amount (less your deductible).

There’s a nuance to choosing the right coverage, learn the basics of Auto Insurance on our Vocab Page.

Any questions?

What Carriers Do You Work With?
We work with dozens of car insurance providers. They range from local and regional agencies, to broker networks, and insurance carriers themselves –all to provide you with an array of affordable and valued options.

How Do I Know I’m Getting the Best Deal?
A good deal is the satisfaction that everything you need is taken care of for one price. We save you money by covering all aspects of your life, cutting down on the fees associated with individual policy spread among various agencies.

Can I Bundle Specialty Cars or Do I Need Separate Policies?
Not only can you bundle, but we recommend think of insurance as coverage for all parts of your life. Give us a call today to talk about all of the ways we can protect you.

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