For our clients who like to live and play on the glistening waters of our country, we have a lot to offer on this line of insurance. Like any major investment, boats and yachts need the right insurance coverage.

Boat and yacht policies can provide coverage for on and off your vessel:

  • Physical damage caused by a collision w/ submerged objects or other vessels
  • Salvage Coverage and/or Wreck Removal
  • Liability for bodily injury or damage to another’s property
  • Fuel Spill Liability
  • Damage to personal property while aboard your boat
  • Gas delivery, towing and assistance if your boat gets stranded
  • Hurricane Haul Out

One way to think of Boat Insurance is as a mash-up of home and auto insurance options. Like home insurance, a boat policy covers you for liability if someone is injured on or off of your craft and gives you the choice between replacement cost or cash value after a total loss.

Like auto insurance, boat coverage typically includes coverage for bodily injury that your boat inflicts on others, property damage your boat inflicts on docks and other boats, and physical damage to your boat should you hit something.

As with all policies, you can also purchase comprehensive coverage against theft, vandalism, fire, flood, personal property coverage for your fishing gear, uninsured boater insurance and even roadside assistance in the event you need a tow.

Any questions?

Does Boat Insurance Work the Same as General Auto?
Boats are a bit of an oddity in the insurance world. Insuring a runabout is similar in process to buying auto insurance, while insuring a million-dollar yacht closely resembles buying home insurance for a small house. Consider what you have, and what you use it for, and then give us a call to talk out the options.

Learn the key terms of Auto Insurance, so you can help us choose exactly what you need! Check out our handy Vocab List.

How Do I Know I’m Getting The Best Deal?
We are not here to provide bottom-line solutions for the random toys in your life. Our solutions are customized to where you are in your life, and what you’re growing towards. We provide the best deal by taking into consideration all the things you want coverage for and find ways to bundle them together for savings.

Do I Need a Separate Auto Policy in Order to have a Boat Policy?
No, but you might if you have at least 1 car in your possession. Point being: give us a call and let’s have a discussion about covering your assets.

Is it Possible to Bundle these Machines with other Types of Vehicles like cars or motorcycles?
Yes, in fact the value of working with an agency like ours is that we’ll talk to you about everything you value in your life and find the best coverage to protect it all at competitive rates. We can “Risk Manage” your life by identifying all the risks you take and putting the correct coverage on your account to protect against the hiccups.

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