Providing care to vulnerable clients, such as children, elderly adults and the developmentally handicapped comes with great responsibilities. Just as your clients need to trust that you have their best interests at heart, you need to know that you’re protected should an unsavory claim come back at you.

Abuse, Neglect or Molestation protection is written as a separate policy from the commercial general liability we build as the foundation to your coverage. This is one of the many risks we will look out for while building your custom policy. The advantage of working with a team like ours is that we specialize in making sure you have the policy you need to cover the significant cost of abuse, neglect or molestation related claims, which often require the hiring of costly experts and specialized legal representation.

Any questions?

If a claim is made against a member of my staff, is it up to me to provide the legal defense costs?
A lot will have to do with your relationship to the employee and whether your company is named in the lawsuit. Ultimately, if someone has a contract with your business for care, and is assaulted by someone legally representing your company, you are at risk of a lawsuit.

What if the opposite happens, and my staff is assaulted by a client, are we protected?
Depending on the situation and nature of the assault it will not fall under this particular coverage, but we promise this would fit within a clause in your policy, like Assault & Battery coverage, employment practices liability, or possibly worker’s compensation.

If I am a private consultant for handicapped patients, would I need to carry a commercial policy like this or is there something smaller that would protect me?
Step one would be to give us a call to review your specific business plan. Getting to know the work that you do will help us build a custom policy that includes the coverage you need at a competitive price.

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