Even if you don’t own a home, you still have property at stake. After all, your personal belongings, like clothes, furniture and electronics, have significant value in your life. Renters insurance can help you protect that value without breaking the bank.

Typical Coverage for Renter’s Insurance includes:

  • Damages to furniture, clothing and other personal items
  • The safety of your personal belongings, whether they are in your home or not
  • Personal liability for another’s injury or their property, if damaged

To learn some of the key terms for insuring the place you live, view the vocab list on our Homeowners Insurance page.

Any questions?

Is There a Max on the Coverage of My Stuff?
The short answer is no. While an individual policy with a carrier may have a limit, there are additional coverages that we can add to make sure that everything important to you is safe.

How Often Should I Update You When I Buy New Things?
Think of it in increments of money that you’re willing to risk in a bet. Would you put up a $500 watch in a bet that no one breaks into your home? What about a $1,500 camera? The safe bet is any time you bring something into your home that you love, give us a call.

If My Landlord is Running Unsafe Conditions, Should I Report that to You?
As your partner for life, we want you to always think of us as a resource to you. However, in most unsafe conditions, it’s best to file a police report first and then notify us.

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