Is your major event (such as your dream wedding) protected from the unexpected?
We know that your special day is all you have been dreaming about — and all that you can’t stop worrying about. Put your mind at ease as we help you protect against the unanticipated: What if your venue suddenly goes out of business? What if the bridal salon loses your dress? What if your caterer backs out?
Don’t worry, for as little as $160, Onmarket Insurance Associates can help safeguard your wedding with the Wedding Protector Plan®.

Insurance works best for you when it bundles together all the important aspects of your life. Take a look at some of our Insurance Vocab pages to learn the keyterms of coverage to help you decide the coverages you need:

Homeowners Insurance Vocab Page
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Any questions?

What Qualifies as a Special Event that Would Need Insurance? Does Size Matter?
Consider the money and time that you’re putting into your event. In the event of inclement weather, illness, injury or something else unforeseen, would you be refunded by your vendors? If not, give us a call.

Do All Weddings Usually Carry an Insurance Policy?
No, not all weddings carry an insurance policy. What you need to ask is are you having just another wedding, or does your Big Day deserve protection? Is your wedding over-the-top? Are you taking risks with weather, venue, or dates you’ve chosen? Could flights play a factor in your big day? These are reasons to give us a call and chat.

What am I Covered for with an Event Protector Plan?

  • Cancellation or postponement
  • Additional expenses
  • Wedding photographs/video
  • Wedding gifts
  • Special jewelry
  • Lost deposits
  • Liability insurance (optional coverage)
  • Liquor liability insurance (optional coverag
  • Private event insurance for small parties or large gatherings
  • Anniversary parties
  • Birthday parties
  • Bar mitzvah
  • Baby showers
  • Retirements
  • Cancellation or postponement of the event
  • Event photographs/video
  • Event gifts
  • Special attire
  • Special jewelry
  • Lost deposits
  • Additional expenses
  • Liability insurance (optional coverage)
  • Liquor liability insurance (optional coverage)
  • Even Inclement Weather & Rescheduling Fees!

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