Robotics + Artificial Intelligence

Today’s technology market is focused on the future of life run by robotics. The Global Robotics Industry is expected to grow to $151 Billion worldwide by 2020, according to recent reports. So, with projectionists estimating the next decade to be heavily influenced by artificial intelligence, let’s dig into what that entails… ROBOTICS is the branch of technology that works with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots or automated machines. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE goes a step further to give robots […]


New regulations for the use of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Drones are leading towards a boost of more than $82 billion for the U.S. economy, in addition to creating more than 100,000 new jobs within the next decade. This is great news, despite the potential air traffic nightmares happening on the invisible highways above. According to a recent UAV Drones Market report, the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Drones market will be worth $5.59 billion by 2020. Most people mistakenly think […]

Special Events

Sure every event is special, but some events go above and beyond … and need to be protected. Community Festivals, Car Shows, Large Weddings, Conferences, Concerts and other social gatherings take immense work to pull together and should never be left open to risk. If you are on the organizational end of these events, you know the work involved to ensure that everyone has an amazing (and safe) experience. The unexpected can (and usually will) arise, and our team wants […]


As California natives, our team has watched the medical marijuana industry for years to study the risks and needs of the people running dispensaries. Our knowledgeable professionals protect your business so you can focus on helping your clients get well. We design our Marijuana Business Insurance policies for dispensary owners, growers, infusion centers, extraction operations, physicians, and building owners leasing to marijuana businesses. Our team focuses on making sure your policy covers you for: Buildings / Equipment / Crops Finished […]


OnMarket Insurance Associates is passionate about the automotive industry. Sure we usually like playing around with flashy sports cars, but we can also create customized plans for the passenger transportation and trucking industry. Working through the transportation marketplace, we have learned a great deal to put ourselves on the cutting edge of the transportation insurance field. Driving back-and-forth across the country can be demanding work, so we want to make sure you’re protected should an accident occur. We have worked […]

Public Services

On behalf of everyone who has ever needed to take a bus across town, or call someone to fix a broken street light, thank you for providing the public services that you do for your town. To further thank you, we’d like to help you find the products and services that remove the uncertainty of complex and emerging risks unique to public entities like your own. The services we offer for the public sector are tailored especially for: Municipalities & […]


Just because you’re not a professional athletic club doesn’t mean you should sacrifice protection against accidents that happen out on the field. Our team creates custom insurance policies tailored for youth and adult sports, activities, camps, tournaments, and special events. Our extensive background in sports insurance gives us a particular insight into the unique operations and exposures within the sports world. Large or small, for-profit or not-for-profit, we can find you something affordable for the size of your club. Who […]


Religious organizations of all beliefs offer the glue that holds our communities together. The celebration of marriages and births, the strength during times of grief, and the acts of goodwill remind us all to care for each other. OnMarket Insurance Associates want to help keep your house of worship and its members protected. We can write policies for religious organizations to protect your congregation, your beautiful buildings, and historical pieces of art. Any questions? If we are about to do […]


The sad truth in today’s world is that often those who give the most have the least to give. We want to help by watching out for the risks you face while doing the good work you do. Any time you have to spend worrying about your business takes away from the time you could spend on your work. Our team will make sure your organization can focus on the mission-at-hand knowing we’ve got your back with a flexible policy […]


Working for the energy sector of this country is a volatile business. It involves delicate, complex work that changes almost daily. This world needs you because no other work could be more critical to the global economy, not to mention our way of life. The sale, extraction, manufacturing, refinement and distribution of energy keeps us all moving forward. OnMarket Insurance Associates team is educated in the highly regulated legislation, the complex management systems, and unique governance placed upon the energy […]