Religious organizations of all beliefs offer the glue that holds our communities together. The celebration of marriages and births, the strength during times of grief, and the acts of goodwill remind us all to care for each other. OnMarket Insurance Associates want to help keep your house of worship and its members protected.

We can write policies for religious organizations to protect your congregation, your beautiful buildings, and historical pieces of art.

Any questions?

If we are about to do some major construction on our house of worship, do we need special coverage?
A Course of Construction policy may be in order, and covers calamities like fire, wind, storms, lightning, hail, theft and vandalism. Limited coverage may be provided for structural collapse during construction. Give us a call to talk about a short-term policy to keep you covered.

Our church is considering a mission trip to South America, do we need special coverage for our time away?
Most likely each of the attendees on your trip will be covered by their own medical insurance while traveling. However, it is always good to review your plans (and your current policy) with an agent trained to spot risks.

With the frequent stories about sexual misconduct in the church, do we need a special policy in case something should happen among our clergy?
While we’re sure you have a lovely group of people running your organization, deception does happen. The most important person to think about is the victim and what you would want to do to help someone who was abused. We would maximize your plan’s coverage to protect everyone.

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