Just because you’re not a professional athletic club doesn’t mean you should sacrifice protection against accidents that happen out on the field. Our team creates custom insurance policies tailored for youth and adult sports, activities, camps, tournaments, and special events.

Our extensive background in sports insurance gives us a particular insight into the unique operations and exposures within the sports world. Large or small, for-profit or not-for-profit, we can find you something affordable for the size of your club.

Who have we worked for?

  • Amateur Sports Facilities
  • Amateur Sports Leagues
  • Coaches and Officials Associations
  • Health and Fitness Clubs
  • Individual Amateur Sports Teams
  • National Sports Organizations and National Governing (Olympic) Bodies
  • Parks and Recreation Departments
  • Sports Training/Coaching Schools
  • Sports Camps, clinics and tournaments
  • Special events
  • Statewide and Regional Youth and Adult Associations

Any questions?

We are a small club run by volunteers, is it possible to get by for little cost?
We completely understand that each group has different needs and very different budgets. We can customize a policy for your specific club that gives you just what you need at an affordable price.

What if someone in the crowd gets hurt at a game, are we responsible?
Given that you are most likely a small club on a field and not running a stadium, there is minimal chance of an injury being your fault. We will still want to setup a simple policy to keep you and your team safe.

If we travel from time to time for meets, do we need special auto insurance to cover a van full of kids?
In most cases your commercial auto insurance will cover you for these trips. Once everyone is out of the vehicle, then your general liability policy will take over to cover any exposures to risk. Give us a call and we will review your current policy. Finding gaps, and filling them in, is our specialty.

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