As California natives, our team has watched the medical marijuana industry for years to study the risks and needs of the people running dispensaries. Our knowledgeable professionals protect your business so you can focus on helping your clients get well.

We design our Marijuana Business Insurance policies for dispensary owners, growers, infusion centers, extraction operations, physicians, and building owners leasing to marijuana businesses. Our team focuses on making sure your policy covers you for:

  • Buildings / Equipment / Crops
  • Finished Stock of Marijuana
  • General Liability Coverage
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Transit / Delivery Coverage
  • Theft / Fire / Vandalism
  • Other Standard Perils
  • Wind / Hail / Falling Objects
  • Workers Compensation

Any questions?

Can you offer coverage that protects me should a federal raid happen in my shop?
Dealing with Medical Marijuana is a tricky business because while it’s legal in your state, the federal government holds you to different standards. We’ve seen raids destroy offices and merchandise. We can customize your policy to assist you in the clean-up, repairs and loss of income.

My state is considering legalization in the coming year, can you help me get my insurance needs ready so I can open my business as soon as that happens?
Absolutely, and we applaud your tenacity to get ready early. By discussing your operational plans, we can build the exact policy you need and gather quotes so you know what your expenses will likely be to add in your budget. Then when you get the greenlight, we’re ready to initiate your coverage.

Would damage caused by things like flood, fire or wind come with a standard policy?
A standard policy will cover your business for a set value under a specific set of circumstances. If you live in a state susceptible to dangerous weather conditions (or you’re just a worrier) we can customize your policy to cover extensive damage caused by weather.

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