The fitness world is one of our favorite industries to cover. You’re kind of like a hot nightclub mixed with holistic healing of the healthcare industry. There are plenty of risks to consider when running a gym, but a strong policy can help you just focus on the next … rep. We insure everyone from trainers and instructors to independent club owners and giant franchises. By working for years with fitness clients, we know the specific exposures common in this […]


The Healthcare Industry is as big as it comes when we’re talking about insuring a business operation. You face tremendous risks from patient abuse, to data breaches, to property loss from theft and fires. OnMarket Insurance Associates is a team of highly-skilled experts who love seeking out exposures to risk and then putting together a plan that protects you from it all. Typical risks facing healthcare companies fall within these sectors: Allied Health Centers These facilities generally include: Routine Diagnostic […]

Technology + Life Sciences

Insurance policies for Technology & Life Science businesses require a special knowledge base into the intricacies of protecting these innovative fields. We’re ready to handle complex scenarios ranging from Telecommunications and Integrated Services, Electronic Development, Software & Information Technologies, Renewable Energy to many other industries. Today’s technology companies move fast, build big and sometimes fail hard. That’s why any big venture needs a circle of protection put in place to keep you operating even when the worst happens. We offer holistic, […]

Lodging + Hospitality

When your business is to invite people to come and spend the night at your place, the most important thing you can do is make sure your guests feel safe inside your place. Accidents can come at you from all directions: slip & falls, fires, water damage, rowdy bachelor party damage, the list could go on. You need to protect yourself, your employees, and your guests. Our product offers a variety of unique coverage options including: Equipment Breakdown Guest Property […]

Bars + Nightclubs

It’s a lot of responsibility to be the person in charge of providing a fun experience. You need to worry about the right atmosphere, the best drinks, the hottest staff, and the perfect music … but what about the risks, the liabilities, and the potential for loss? Who thinks about that? Bars, Taverns and nightclubs are intricate businesses, and should be protected accordingly. Most businesses have similar core insurance needs that make it easy to write a standard policy. When […]


Owning a restaurant is just about the world’s oldest profession, and we bet some days you feel like there’s no one who understands what you go through. Whether you’re slinging burgers or creating culinary masterpieces, you need to know that your business is protected. You may not realize it, but your business changes every day as you bring in new equipment, new services, new supplies, new staff, and add new locations. What we know is that all of these things […]


The risks you face as a retailer are no longer located right there inside your shop. Most likely you also run your business online, in addition to your physical location, which leaves you needing protection in all sorts of new (and scary) ways. Our team can help you manage the increasing risk exposures that pop-up when developing new products, expanding to new locations, and extending your supply chains online. We can build a custom policy to protect you from Inventory […]

Distributors + Wholesalers

Wholesalers run very different businesses than retail facilities. You often have merchandise going in and out of your warehouses rapidly, and you’re responsible for the property of multiple vendors all at once. Depending on the state your business operates within, there may be requirements for certain extensions that are often not available in a standard insurance policy. If the contents on your property are primarily owned by others, many standard policies will come with too many limitations for what they […]


Owning and operating any manufacturing facility comes with a laundry list of risks that need to be covered. One day you could be dealing with equipment failures that halt production, and the next day it could be an injured employee. Don’t panic. We tell you these things not to scare you off, but to demonstrate the need for a good plan to enact when complications happen. We provide our manufacturing customers with protection in 3 key areas … Property Insurance: […]

Garages + Parking Facilities

There is no place better for hunting out liability risks than a Parking Garage. This is a business built on trust from end-to-end. The customer trusts you with their car, you trust your employees to treat that car responsibly. Now trust us to protect you against the accidents that do sometimes happen. Garage Policies provide comprehensive liability coverage to account for general liability as well as extended liability exposures to guard you against any gray areas. We look at things […]