Insurance policies for Technology & Life Science businesses require a special knowledge base into the intricacies of protecting these innovative fields. We’re ready to handle complex scenarios ranging from Telecommunications and Integrated Services, Electronic Development, Software & Information Technologies, Renewable Energy to many other industries.

Today’s technology companies move fast, build big and sometimes fail hard. That’s why any big venture needs a circle of protection put in place to keep you operating even when the worst happens. We offer holistic, forward-thinking options that give you customized protection, no matter what you’re creating inside your walls.

Any questions?

What if we are a hospital operating a medical tech lab for research, would that be covered under our overall policy?
Not necessarily. Depending on the research you’re conducting, and its liabilities for your employees, your general policy for the hospital may be leaving you open to risk … and we hate risk. That’s why we look at your entire operation to build a custom policy to address everything.

Is there a difference in coverage between a lab that conducts human testing and one that just does research?
Most likely, yes. Any time you involve humans in your operation for testing (or employment) the risk for liability increases. We would want to put a policy in place that not only covers you against loss, but protects your volunteers and staff in the case of an accident.

If we are a lab that develops hardware for the tech industry, do we need to update our insurance every time we create a new product?
To ensure that your hard work is protected, it’s best to update your policy every time you have a new product in your lab. The same goes for new equipment. Your general policy will only take you so far in the event that a new product is damaged beyond repair.

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