The risks you face as a retailer are no longer located right there inside your shop. Most likely you also run your business online, in addition to your physical location, which leaves you needing protection in all sorts of new (and scary) ways. Our team can help you manage the increasing risk exposures that pop-up when developing new products, expanding to new locations, and extending your supply chains online.

We can build a custom policy to protect you from Inventory Theft, Onsite Injuries, and Online Security Exposures, especially identity fraud.

OnMarket Insurance Associates knows every nuance of the retail world and can support you on the path to build your idea for a product into a worldwide sensation!

Any questions?

Can you build a policy to cover multiple locations in different states?
Yes! Our team is knowledgeable in insurance law nationwide and can customize a policy that covers exactly what you need per state.

What if a customer is injured in my store and sues, how much will my policy protect me?
The last thing you want to have close down your business is an accident that could have been avoided … or at least planned for ahead of time. We will take a look at all of your potential risks and build a plan that keeps you operating during hard times.

Can you help me offer health insurance to our employees?
Yes again! Part of what makes our team special is our attention to detail when determining all of the ways insurance can be bundled for you, and then finding the best prices available for each of your needs.

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