There is no place better for hunting out liability risks than a Parking Garage. This is a business built on trust from end-to-end. The customer trusts you with their car, you trust your employees to treat that car responsibly. Now trust us to protect you against the accidents that do sometimes happen.

Garage Policies provide comprehensive liability coverage to account for general liability as well as extended liability exposures to guard you against any gray areas. We look at things like premise liability, product liability, and auto liability to build a policy to fit your operation.

Our team has experience working specifically with:

  • Parking Garages
  • Parking Lots
  • Valet Services

We look to protect your business using …

Garage-Keepers Coverage:
When accidents happen, most often you as the business owner will be obligated to pay damages for a customer’s car.

There are two coverage options we help you customize:
Direct Primary provides coverage even if the loss is not your fault or you’re not legally liable for the damages.
Legal Liability provides coverage to the insured only for losses which are proven to be your fault and for which you’re legally liable for payment.

Hired Auto Liability:
This custom protection covers any vehicle you hire to join your fleet for less than six months. This coverage may be purchased with owned auto coverage or as a stand-alone policy.

Non-Owned Auto Liability:
Protect your business from damages caused by staff using their own (or other) vehicles on your property. Talk to us about special customizations that can also be extended to your employees.

Personal Injury Protection:
We can help you find a policy that not only meets your states operational standards, but also keeps your entire team safe.

Property Coverage:
OnMarket Insurance Associates will build your policy to cover every aspect of your facility:

  • Any buildings or structures
  • Business personal property inside any structures
  • Personal property of staff inside any structures
  • Any improvements made to your facility

UN-Insured Motorist:
We know that accidents happen, but what if someone with NO insurance causes damage to your property? Make sure your policy protects you if someone else is at fault, but has no way to pay. Most policies cover bodily injuries, but your state may require property damage coverage as well. Give us a call to get started on a plan.

Any questions?

Is there a way to recoup business income loss due to damages that close down my facility temporarily?
Yes, there are additions we can add to your policy to protect you from the loss of income during downtime for repairs to your property. In addition, we can also cover extra expenses incurred to remain in operation. Give us a call to talk to one of our team members today.

If a customer is the one to cause damage on my lot, will their insurance take care of repairs?
Just because someone else is at fault doesn’t always mean they can pay for the damage. The ideal scenario is the person has full insurance coverage and gets you fixed up quickly (that’s how we would take care of it). However, many people pay for insurance coverage that leaves them vastly under-insured. We can build you a custom policy that kicks in to get your facility fixed up properly when these things take place.

Am I covered if an employee causes damage while under the influence of alcohol without my knowledge of his or her condition?
If you have concerns about the quality of your team members, it’s probably best for us to talk over the phone or in-person about your potential options.

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