It’s a lot of responsibility to be the person in charge of providing a fun experience. You need to worry about the right atmosphere, the best drinks, the hottest staff, and the perfect music … but what about the risks, the liabilities, and the potential for loss? Who thinks about that?

Bars, Taverns and nightclubs are intricate businesses, and should be protected accordingly. Most businesses have similar core insurance needs that make it easy to write a standard policy. When you run an establishment built around giving people a buzz, you face a unique set of risks that must be considered.

Our custom policies for bars & nightclubs provide you with the exact protection we know you need.

Property Insurance
If you’re bar is like any that we’ve been in, you have a lot more in there to protect than just the walls and ice machine. Our custom policies for bars and taverns can also cover hand-crafted wood bars, high-value wine and liquor, business interruption due to all sorts of accidents, sewer and drain backups, equipment breakdown, signage, employee misconduct causing damages, high-value art, and more.

Liability Insurance
When the drinks start flowing, and people are feeling good, accidents are bound to happen. And sometimes people are going to blame you for it. While we hope that these accidents never end in tragedy, it’s best to have a plan and know you’re protected.

Additional Considerations
Businesses that accept cash should get insurance that covers money and securities, and bars/night clubs that keep wine collections definitely should look into a policy that specifically addresses that stock. Breakage, spoilage and other damage can lead to heavy losses to the business without sufficient insurance.

We are open to a conversation about any business you need to protect, but we most commonly work with these nightlife establishments:

  • Bars
  • Taverns
  • Lounges
  • Night Clubs
  • Comedy Clubs with High Liquor Sales
  • Restaurants with High Liquor Sales
  • Wine Bars

Any questions?

Can you help us cover party boats that sell alcohol?
Absolutely, but you have to let us ride on the boat at least once. Other than that we just need to talk about where you sail and what kind of vessel we’re talking about. We can then draw from different areas of insurance, like boating insurance (if you choose to own the boat), and event insurance options, to customize a policy that fits you.

What if I am about to begin building a bar, how soon should I buy coverage?
There’s no time like the present, especially if construction has already begun. We can talk about a Course of Construction policy to protect you during the build phase, and then transfer you right into a Nightclub Policy once you are up and running.

How would coverage work if I own a casino with a nightclub and bars inside?
This is exactly the type of puzzle that our team loves to tackle. Essentially you are operating multiple businesses wrapped up in one building. We can write a policy that pulls in coverage from multiple insurance providers to protect each nuance of your business. We don’t believe in providing the typical canned insurance policies because they usually leave out something that is custom to your business, meaning you’re left open to risk.

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