Owning and operating any manufacturing facility comes with a laundry list of risks that need to be covered. One day you could be dealing with equipment failures that halt production, and the next day it could be an injured employee. Don’t panic. We tell you these things not to scare you off, but to demonstrate the need for a good plan to enact when complications happen.

We provide our manufacturing customers with protection in 3 key areas …

Property Insurance:
Cover not only your actual building, but also any personal property you may have on the premise at the time of an accident.

Liability Insurance:
As hard as you work and plan, sometimes an accident will happen that you didn’t see coming. We will make sure you have the ability to pay for mistakes that are your responsibility.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance:
The best way to run a safe operation is by ensuring your employees feel comfortable and protected within their workspace. We will look at your entire operation (from top to bottom) to make sure we cover every possible risk.

Any questions?

Can you help me find the right products liability coverage for my inventory?
Yes, we can definitely help you. In the event that a product you create injures someone or causes damage to property, you need a policy that will defend you against lawsuits and liability. The benefit of working with a team like OnMarket Insurance Associates is that we want to talk about ALL of your needs within your operation to create an insurance package that pulls together the most competitive pricing.

What if an accident on my property is caused by a visitor or guest, are we liable to pay for damages?
After any accident there will be an investigation to figure out exactly what happened. In the event that you are found not liable for damages, it will be up to the other party’s insurance to cover. However, don’t forget that a lot of individuals (and unfortunately businesses to) don’t carry as much insurance as they should. We want to build a policy to protect you in these cases, and ensure your repairs are done correctly.

Can you cover multiple facilities that are in different states? Or even different countries?
Absolutely! Our team continually educates themselves in the insurance requirements and trends across the country … and even around the world. We start by creating a list of everything you need to protect, and seek out the best policies at competitive pricing to cover it all.

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