Owning an auto repair shop is a tricky business. There’s risk of accidents while servicing vehicles or damage to equipment by inexperienced staff. It seems like you can’t turn your back without something creeping up on you. We would like to be your business partner, and watch your back when you need to focus on other things. How? With a plan we build together to cover every possible risk.

Where your business needs protection …

Your Shop’s Liability
This is the insurance coverage for your Auto Repair business in the case of accidents, mistakes or injuries that may occur … on or off your premises. Whether you need coverage for a slip-and-fall in the parking lot, or an error caused by a technician, it’s crucial to be covered.

Your Property
Why put your business at risk financially when you can build a plan today to cover any unfortunate events. Business Property insurance has features like Business Income Insurance and Employee Tools Coverage, and even custom options like Equipment Breakdown Protection to you, your shop and the tools of your trade.

The Cars
When our team builds an Auto Insurance package, we can add custom features like Non-Owned Auto Insurance to protect you against accidents caused by employees driving their own vehicles on or near your property. It’s those little mishaps that you never see coming, so we give you a plan.

Not sure if your business applies? Here is a list of who we work with to insure (but this is not limited) so call as about your business:

  • Auto air conditioning shops
  • Auto body shops
  • Auto glass installation and repair
  • Auto mechanical repair
  • Auto / Truck Service & Repair
  • Auto paint and/or upholstery shops
  • Body & fender repair
  • C-Store with Gas
  • Car Washes
  • Muffler installation
  • Repair Shops with Tire Sales
  • Trailer repair – boat and/or utility
  • Transmission shops
  • Quick change lube shops

Any questions?

Who is responsible for guaranteeing repairs, the shop or customer’s insurance agency?
Ultimately the responsibility for the work will fall on you as the owner of the repair shop. The customer’s insurance can only guarantee payment for the services, which is why you want to have insurance of your own to help you pay if an incident were to occur.

What happens if a staff member gets into an accident while driving their own car on my property? Does their insurance cover it?
In theory, this should fall on your employee’s insurance coverage, but what happens if they are under-insured? Or worse, have no coverage at all? As the owner of the business, you would be liable for the complete cost of damages. Make sure you’re protected; give us a call to make a plan.

Does a Car Wash need the same coverage as a repair shop?
Not necessarily, which is why it is good to work with an insurance agency like ours to create a custom coverage plan to protect you where you need it … and not over-charge you for things that you don’t.

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